Welcome to the worship ministry of Ten Mile Christian Church! We are excited that you are considering how to get involved. As you probably already know, it is an incredible blessing to be a part of the team that leads our church in worship each week! As you think and pray about your potential participation, let me share with you our process for getting involved.

Below is a questionnaire for you to fill out. Please fill it out as completely as possible. This will help us get to know you and find out a little bit about your musical and spiritual background. 

The audition process at TMC is a 3-step process with an evaluation at each step. After we receive your application:

  • Step 1 - the first step is to meet with you personally and hear you play and/or sing.
  • Step 2 - the next step will be to schedule you to come in on a Thursday night to rehearse with the band. 
  • Step 3 - the final step will be to schedule you to play or sing for a weekend of services with us. 

We will try to make this process as easy as possible! Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to getting to know you better!

Steve Alderete, Worship Minister 

Name *
Home Phone
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Cell Phone
Are you?
Is your spouse supportive of you being involved?
Are you a Christian?
Have you been baptized?
Do you attend a Life Group, youth group, or other discipleship group?
Have any of the following items been a part of your past: illegal drugs, treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, been arrested, accused of child abuse?
Is there anything in your life that may take away from the credibility of the worship ministry at TMC?
What is your availability?
I have read the Worship Ministry Expectations (see below) and to the best of my ability I will commit my mind, my heart and my will to be used by God through serving in the worship minsitry at Ten Mile Christian Church. *


  • A lifestyle of personal integrity that is reflected on and off stage.
  • Supportive of church and ministry leadership.
  • Attendance at rehearsals (when you are scheduled).
  • Commitment to excellence (demonstrated by being on time, prepared, flexible, and giving your best).
  • Modesty in apparel and appearance.
  • Timely communication with the worship ministry office (responding to emails, phone calls, etc.).
  • Uplifting attitude when dealing with others.