This class will cover essential ideas and doctrines for those of us who want our faith to be explainable to others and transformative in our own lives. Come to one session or come to all.

Week 1:  God and my life. 

  • Why is it important to develop your own core beliefs? 
  • Core beliefs are more than ideas.
  • How we misuse the Bible.

Week 2:  Where did the Bible come from?

  • What do we know about the writers, context, and compilation of the Bible?
  • Why are there different translations?

Week 3:  Tradition and Scripture

  • Where do church traditions come from?
  • How do I deal with scripture versus church traditions?

Week 4:  Spiritual Disciplines

  • What is the role of prayer, Bible reading, fasting, etc.?
  • How much does God do and how much do we do when we practice spiritual disciplines?

Week 5:  Salvation

  • Why do we need to be saved?
  • When are we saved?
  • What happens after we’re saved?

Week 6:  What is eternity like?

  • Heaven and Hell
  • Consequences of sin

Week 7:  Jesus’ return

  • The different views.

Week 8:  The Body of Christ

  • How do we overcome disagreements within the Church?
  • What keeps someone from being a part of the Body of Christ?
  • What do we do about false teaching?

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WHEN: Sundays at 6:00 PM

BEGINS: January 3rd

WHERE: Pizzeria


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