Can a high school student change the world?  At Ten Mile Christian, we believe they can! 
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To reach out to students with the love of God

To connect students to caring adults and peers for encouragement and support

To equip them with the tools to CHANGE THEIR WORLD FOR JESUS


"Eclip-n-Slide" August 21 | Doors open at 5:00p | $1 Pizza | Gaga | 9 Square | One very big Slipe-n-Slide bigger than any that the world has ever seen

Worship Night | August 20 | 7:00pm | In the Loft | $1 Dinner | Ice Cream


Sunday youth group is at 10:15 AM & 6 PM. Join us as we get into the Word of God and make movements towards changing our lives and culture for Christ. Our aim is to put words into action!


Monday night is REACH youth group. This is a great place to get connected and find lasting relationships with other High Schoolers in the area while learning what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Check it out!!! Every Monday from 5-8:30 PM.