Proposed Elder - Myron Severson

Myron Severson is being presented for the role of Elder at Ten Mile Christian. This prompts a review of his character and suitability for the role of elder as described in 1 Timothy and Titus. 

1. A review by the board of elders
2. Completion of an apprenticeship
3. An interview by the board of elders with the elder and spouse
4. An opportunity for the congregation at large to submit any comments about the elder being presented

If you have any compliments or concerns about Myron Severson serving a four year term as an elder at Ten Mile Christian Church, please forward your signed, written comments to: 

Dale Newberry, Chairman of the Elders
C/O Ten Mile Christian Church, PO Box 767, Meridian, ID 83680

Sewing Angels

Colorful pillowcases bring a smile to the heart of a suffering child in local hospitals. The “Sewing Angels” invite you to join us Tuesday the 24th and learn how to make the pillowcases. We meet at the Annex from 10 to 2 so drop in any time. (Your sewing machine is invited too.) You can sew at home or join us each 4th Tuesday of the month—or both. If you have any questions, contact Ellen Landreth at (208) 761-4237 or email at 


Figures for the week of: 4.15.18


Average Weekly Budget Need: $53,416.96
Weekly Giving Received:  $57,765.76

Count Me In! (debt reduction): $342.00
Campus Improvements: $ 250.00

Worship: 1526
Children: 430
Total: 1956

Attendance for Adult Bible Classes: 373