How often have you heard heartbroken parents say that they gave their kids everything they ever wanted in life and yet their kids are ungrateful, selfish and distant? Part III of the Grace Based Parenting DVD series will show you as a parent how to raise kids of all ages who are focused upward on God and outward on others instead of solely inward on themselves.

When you raise kids who are humble, generous, grateful and serve others, your house will be a place everyone wants to come home to. This study on True Greatness completes the Grace Based Parenting DVD series. From it you’ll learn how to raise your kids the way God raises His – with grace; build a life long connection to your child’s heart; focus on the things that really matter to your child’s future; raise kids who live their lives for God and others; keep sibling rivalry to a minimum; prioritize all of the forces vying for a child’s time and attention; and help your child answer the three most important questions in life.  

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WHEN: Sundays, 4:30 PM

BEGINS: January 24, 2016 

WHERE: The Annex

COST: $10


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