World Religions in 90 Minutes

Presented by John Greenlee

Have you ever wondered how to relate to the other major religions of the world as a Christian? Have you asked yourself, how do I “speak the truth in love” to my friends and neighbors who follow those diverse faiths? World Religions in 90 Minutes offers a clear and very concise bird’s eye view of both Western and Eastern religions for anyone seeking to know more about them. The purpose of this class is to help Christians become more confident in their belief that Jesus is the Light of the World, while at the same time becoming more considerate of those who believe otherwise, by learning the basic beliefs and practices of the major world religions.

You’ll have two opportunities to see the big picture:
Thursday, September 13, 6-7:30pm in The Loft
or Saturday, September 29, 9-10:30am in The Loft  


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