Marriage Class: A Lifelong Love

BEGINS October 28th | $14
Sundays at 12 - 1 PM
in the Annex (8 weeks) 

Whether your marriage needs a complete makeover, a touch up, or just a new purpose, A Lifelong Love promises to set your relationship on an entirely new course. You will never look at worship or your spouse in the same way again. The course “Life Long Love” includes both a book for $14 (one copy per couple) and a free video series featured on our Right Now Media portal. Register now to guarantee your seat.

Child-care is available on our main campus. 

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Men’s Study: Ragamuffin Gospel

BEGINS November 1st
Thursday at 6am at TMC

Are you bedraggled, beat-up, burnt-out?

Most of us believe in God’s grace—in theory. But somehow we can’t seem to apply it in our daily lives. We continue to see Him as a small-minded bookkeeper, tallying our failures and successes on a score sheet. Yet God gives us His grace, willingly, no matter what we’ve done. We come to Him as ragamuffins—dirty, bedraggled, and beat-up. And when we sit at His feet, He smiles upon us, the chosen objects of His “furious love.” Come join us as we study the Ragamuffin Gospel.