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Women’s Study Yes

Starting Thursday, March 14. 9:30am in the Loft Or 6:30pm in the Pet Shop

YES! Is a new church wide series focused on SERVING beginning at TMC!  Join us as we continue the conversation through small group questions and a book study on being called to SERVE.

6 week study, no cost. Childcare available.


Gospel of Matthew

A 8-week study (will not meet on April 21st due to Easter)

Starting on Sunday, March 17th at 10:30am in the Annex

Matthew was a tax collector who left his work behind in order to become a follower of Jesus. The New Testament Gospel that bears his name was most likely written to Greek-speaking Jews, and its purpose was to prove to them that Jesus was the fulfillment of Old Testament predictions because He was the long-awaited Messiah. This study will help you see Jesus in a new way and appreciate Him more.

No Cost. Childcare available.


Extreme Prayer

A 6-week study (will not meet on April 21st due to Easter)

Starting on Sunday, March 31th at NOON in the Annex - $12

Extreme Prayer taps into that longing for connection with God when we need it most by teaching us to pray the kinds of prayers Jesus promised to answer with unlimited power. It’s not about how to pray more . . . it’s about praying differently, and intentionally tapping into all of Jesus’s open-ended promises in a way that achieves maximum Kingdom impact. In Extreme Prayer, Greg Pruett searches the Scriptures to discover the kinds of prayers that God has promised to answer, challenging you to access their power and see His immeasurable glory unleashed in your prayer life.


The Parables of Jesus

A 4-session study (will not meet on April 21st due to Easter)

Starting on Sunday, April 7th at 9:00am in the Annex

Jesus told captivating stories. What His hearers didn't know was that with each laugh and gasp, they were learning about God. Come and hear... if you have ears.

No Cost. Childcare available.


An Introduction to World Religions

Starting Thursday, April 25th at 6:30 PM in the Loft, 6-week Study

Have you ever wondered about the beliefs and practices of the major world religions? Have you asked, how do I “speak the truth in love” to my friends and neighbors who follow those diverse faiths?

“An Introduction to World Religions” offers a concise survey of Western (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and Eastern (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, and Confucianism) religions for anyone seeking to know more about them, from a Christian perspective.