This Week - Friday, December 15

This week the Scripture we will hear together has been called by one theologian “the greatest adventure of religious thought ever achieved in the mind of humankind.” Comprehending God’s gift of a baby in Bethlehem produces such profound thoughts. The word I have chosen to describe my study experience on this fourth Christmas light is “humbled.” This light is only mentioned by John in his gospel, and that observation alone grabs a Bible reader’s attention because John was an uneducated fisherman who used the simplest vocabulary in the New Testament. Ask God to open your heart a little extra before arriving at worship this week. Some of our children are going to sing a Christmas carol in worship and that will help set the stage.

Bethlehem Live is tomorrow, 5-9 PM. Bring friends and family with you if possible. I’m am so grateful for the hours and hours of preparation that members of this body have given to make this event happen.

Speaking of inviting, remember we have seven Christmas Eve services. Five are on Sunday, Dec. 23rd and two more on Monday the 24th. Candlelight, special communion and carols are all a part of this family friendly service. I haven’t fleshed it out for sure, but I have in mind to share a little bit of Idaho history to make the point of the fifth Christmas light in those seven services.

John R. Rice wrote: “You have not had Christmas until you look up into the Father’s face and tell him you have received His Christmas Gift.”

That’s a great idea,

Steve Moore, Senior Minister