This Week - Friday, January 18, 2019

This week we will hear what a famed scholar labels “one of the three most eloquent sections of Scripture in the New Testament.”  It’s Colossians 1:15-23.  There are so many ideas from this Scripture that it has been a week of extra time on my part deciding how to present this revelation in a sermon.  Frankly, I have big feelings of inadequacy as I pray over it and get ready to preach it to you on Sunday.  I have such a privileged vocation.

Training to facilitate a Life Group is available on line here

This is a great season to be in a Life Group as we roll on toward the Resurrection season.  If you have any question about groups or want more information contact Jeff at or 208-888-3101.

 Here are two trips I’ll be making, one in 2019 and the other in 2020.  You are invited to join me.

  • Ecuador Mission Trip, November 4-13, 2019.

Visit the churches TMC has planted, encourage the leaders of those churches (this is huge), spend one day at each church ministering to the children with Bible stories, crafts, songs, etc., worship on Sunday in at least one church, spend at least a day with our sponsored child(ren), tour Ecuador’s Compassion International Headquarters, and have our hearts touched by the Holy Spirit.

  • Holy Land Pilgrimage, March 9-19, 2020.

April Alford and I will lead this.  It will include Old Testament sites in Jordan including Mt. Nebo and Petra.  An entire week in Israel including Jerusalem, Jericho, Qumran, Masada, Nazareth, Caesarea by the Sea, Caesarea Philippi, Sea of Galilee, hill of the Beatitudes, and more.  We dream of this being more than a vacation tour, but a true life-changing pilgrimage.  In the months before travel, several sessions will be offered to provide information about and prepare for every stop the pilgrimage will encounter.  Space is limited and discounts are available for early registration.  The TMC group will have our own qualified guide, bus and hotel accommodations.

If you are interested in either or both of these trips, the sooner you let us know the better.  For more information contact, April or myself as well as our ministry assistant, Janice in the office via or 208-888-3101.

Famous preacher of old, James S. Stewart wrote:  “When Christian worship is dull and joyless, Jesus Christ has been left outside—that is the only possible explanation.”

 Jesus first,

Steve Moore, Senior Minister