When it comes to Groups, one size DOESN’T fit all

You probably have something you love doing. Something that energizes you. Something you’re good at. What if you could use that very thing as a way to help people grow closer to Jesus?

That’s the vision behind Groups at TMC.

Maybe you love hiking, hunting, or riding motorcycles. Maybe you love connecting with people in your line of work, your stage of life, your neighborhood, apartment, or dorm. Maybe you love studying the Bible in a group. Maybe you want to open your home to people who’d like to grow in their marriages, their financial health, or their physical fitness. Maybe you want to put together a team to impact your community through practical service.

You don’t need to be a Bible scholar or a teacher. Mostly we just ask that you commit to your own growth, and to being the kind of friend who encourages your Group members to take steps toward Jesus… and we’ll help you along the way!

So what’s YOUR vision for the Group YOU could lead?

Potential Group Types

Here are a few ideas for how your Group could look. As a leader you could take one of these types and run with it, you could combine some of these elements, or you could come up with something outside the box!

Discussion Group

A Discussion Group is typically an environment where Group members meet to discuss their shared study of the Bible, a book, the TMC sermon from the previous weekend, or another curriculum. The goal in these Groups is to help members grow in knowledge and application of Scripture.

TMC provides several free resources for these Groups. Sermon discussion questions are posted weekly. We also provide all TMC attenders access to RightNow Media, an online library of video-based content.

Dinner Group

In an age when fewer and fewer people make time for sit-down meals, what if your Group simply carved out time to connect over great food and great conversation? A Dinner Group likely won’t make use of a formal curriculum. The goal in these Groups is to develop meaningful friendships and to pray for each other.

A Dinner Group could be a good fit if you’re starting a Group for families with young children. It’s hard to shout a discussion of Romans 8 over the roar of toddlers, and hiring babysitters can get expensive. Dinner Groups are a great way to include the whole family and build intergenerational relationships.

Service Group

Do you sense God calling you to make a difference in your community? Maybe you have a vision for providing tangible help to a local school or a non-profit organization. Perhaps you want to meet a need in your neighborhood or lend assistance to a family in crisis. The goal of a Service Group is to mobilize people to accomplish a task(s).

Whether the Group pulls off a short-term project or makes a long-term investment in a cause, you’ll find that people who share a mission form deep friendships in the process.

Activity Group

You know that thing you love doing? There’s a good chance other people love it, too. The goal of an Activity Group is to build friendships around common interests. The key to an Activity Group’s success is scheduling the activity frequently enough to allow those friendships to develop.

Monday Night Football. Quilting. Hiking. Board games. Golf. Geocaching (look it up). The possibilities are nearly endless.


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Steps to Launch a Group

  1. Complete Online Leader Training

  2. Meet with a Groups Team Leader

  3. Invite Your People

  4. Launch!