What is Parent Pager?  Parent Pager is the system our church chose to ensure the safety of our children and volunteers. Parent Pager enhances Child Security by providing documentation of who is authorized to pick up a child by way of photo identification each time the child is checked in. The “Check IN” and “Check OUT” slips printed by Parent Pager have a picture of the child and a picture of each  person who is authorized to pick up the child. A caregiver can look at a check-out slip and quickly know if they should release the child to the person requesting the child.

Why do you need my finger ID?  We discovered that it was challenging keeping up with a card or a slip of paper each week and chose to use a form of ID that is always with you:  your finger!  Are you fingerprinting me?  Not at all.  Our readers simply take the ridges and lines of your finger and convert it to a number formula as unique as your finger. Your fingerprint is NOT in our system.  

Who has access to this information?  All information is housed on our in-house server.  It is not connected to any outside servers or ever shared with any outside sources.

Why do you need my address and phone number?  We want to know that you were here! We promise not to pester you, but we would like to send you a letter and follow-up with a phone call.  You have the right to decline this information if you so choose.

Why do you want our pictures?  This is an integral safety feature.  As is mentioned above, we use your pictures to see who is authorized to pick up your child.