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Where and when will games be played?

All games will be played at the Ten Mile Christian Church Campus (3500 W Franklin Rd Meridian, ID 83642). For the spring season, all games will be on Saturday.

How many practices will there be a week and where?

TMC Sports will have one practice and one game a week for our recreational leagues. All practices and games will be at the Ten Mile Christian Church Campus, 3500 W Franklin Rd Meridian, ID 83642.

How much playing time will my child have?

Our recreational leagues are geared towards developing the fundamental skills of the player including physical, mental, and spiritual. Thus, players will play an equal amount of time and be given the chance to grow and learn.

What can I expect my child to learn?

We are passionate about children here at Ten Mile Christian and look forward to teaching children about the fundamentals of the game. This includes training the body to react to the physical requirements of the game and how to achieve the next level ability for that player. Also, training the mental aspects of the game as far as rules of the game and the purpose of the game. And most importantly we strive to train the hearts of the players to play with love for the game, love for the team, love for the player, and love for Jesus.

Can I choose a coach or player to be on my Childs team?

We will take extraordinary efforts to match players with the desired coach or be with a friend or family member.  However, due to team numbers and other constraints, we may not be able to meet every request.

Can I choose what day to practice?

Coaches will work with teams to pick a wonderful day and time to practice. If that time and day do not work we will provide an option that will hopefully work but may include moving teams.

What do I need to bring to practice?

Water and water and some water.  Also, non metal cleats would be great and dress according to the weather. It's hard to focus when you are freezing. Goals and balls and flags will be provided.

What do I need to bring on Game Day?

Water and then a little more water. Your player will be given game day shirts, shorts, and socks to wear. They will also be given a water bottle to fill it up. The home team will wear a lighter color shirt and the away team will wear a darker color shirt.

How can I make it a great season?

Get involved with the team. All teams will need a team mom or dad to organize game day snacks and fun.  A team photographer is always cool. Learn the names of the players on your team and cheer for them.  Meet other parents and have a good time.

Have a question we didn’t answer?

Feel free to email us here or call our main office, 208.888.3101.