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Being Christians - Week 1

They were first called Christians at Antioch. We are not trying to be denominational, we’re just following Jesus.


Generosity - Week 2

They took up a collection for the needs in Jerusalem. We give for purpose. We are trying to make a difference in our community/state/world


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Reclaiming People - Week 3

Barnabas went to Paul and brought him to Antioch. The church in Jerusalem didn’t “use” Paul and his gifts. But the church in Antioch did. We are a redemptive place for people who have been worn out, beaten up or marginalized.


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Cross-cultural - Week 4

They were among the first to minister to Gentiles.

We want to minister to other cultures.


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A Sending Church - Week 5

They sent out missionaries locally and globally.

We are seeking to do the same.