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Last fall, this incredible body of believers shared a five-week journey entitled “Unfinished,” which was a generosity initiative. Our goal was 100% engagement as disciples to grow in generosity. Those of you who are new at TMC may not know that the response exceeded our goal! To God be the glory.

God’s blessing in this aspect of discipleship led the TMC servant-leaders to ask this question: “What if this church unified for 100% engagement as servants of Jesus?”

For the next five weeks, I am inviting you and everyone at TMC to participate in another adventure, a serve initiative. This will be your guide for this adventure we are calling “Yes!” Scripture promises us that every follower of Jesus has abilities that are unique to that person but so valuable to everyone nearby. “Yes!” will inform you where you might serve, how you might serve, and why your service is making such a difference already. Forty-two people a day are moving into this valley. They, and the present population, need what God has called us to be in this community. Dream with me what it can look like when we coordinate even more to serve Jesus.

Here are some specifics for this adventure starting March 17:

  • Bring your guide with you to worship services.

  • Participate in a Group utilizing the weekly discussion questions in this guide. If you’re not in a Group, join us Thursday evenings at 6:30pm.

  • Prayerfully read this Guide and affirm your desire to be a servant of Jesus.

  • As God prompts you, possibly identify an additional way to serve Him.

We are on our way!

His and yours,

Steve Moore, Senior Minister

Mark 10:45