How old do I have to be? How old is too old?

If you are between 5 and 500, we can find a place for you to serve! Seriously, if there’s a will, there’s a way! We have a six-year-old door greeter, pre-teen classroom assistants, teenage baristas, and more than a few teachers, greeters, and other servers who are well into their retirement years. We can help you find the right fit.

It looks like things are already covered! Do you really need me to serve?

First, thank you. Second, YES! It is our goal to make the Sunday worship experience a smooth and positive one. But behind the scenes, it is often the same people working to cover the empty shifts and going the extra mile. More volunteers help us develop a healthier church body and reach beyond what we are currently able to offer! PLEASE join us in this adventure!

I have kids. What would I do with them while I serve?

Our children’s department is ready to love on them! Although we teach the same curriculum content each hour of service, teachers and presentation style are different from one hour to the next. We would love to have your children stay an extra hour, connect with other friends, and get a new look at the Bible story. Our teachers are happy to help with the transition between services. If you think your kids will be hungry, you can send in a snack to eat during that transition time.

I participated in UNFINISHED. Isn’t that enough?

In a word, no! We remain UNFINISHED and continue to look for ways to allow God to work in and through our lives. Giving of your finances is one way to express your gratitude to God. But it was always the intention of that initiative to tie financial giving to the stewardship of our time and talents. This is simply the next logical step to move from simply attending a church service to really being a part of the body of Christ!

I have a lot of current commitments. Why would I add serving to that?

Much like a checkbook, a calendar can often tell you where a person’s priorities lie. What do you choose to put first in your life? With careful time management, an extra hour a week may not actually strain your time as much as you think! And if it is not possible to add service on top of your current commitments, you may choose to consider changing or even removing something else to enable you to put God first in every area of your life.

I’m not qualified. Will someone train me?

Absolutely! It is our job and our joy to train our volunteers and make the volunteering experience a blessing to those who serve as well as the people they reach.

I’m very qualified! Will the church be able to make use of my talents and skillset?

Yes, but only if you let us know what that skillset is! We want you to be able to serve in a way that makes the very best use of the gifts God has given you and the experience you have. That said, it can be exciting and challenging to stretch beyond what you may be accustomed to and see if you have other skills. The key is to communicate with us and let us know how the volunteering experience is going for you.

I have an illness/disability that makes it difficult to serve. Is there a place for me?

You bet! Again, if you have a desire to serve, we will find a place for you! Can you cut papers for Sunday School from home or intercede in prayer for those who need that support? There are many behind-the-scenes options for service. It is possible that you can serve in a way we haven’t even thought of yet!

I have a difficult past and cannot pass a background check. Can I still serve?

Yes! In some areas of service, such as Children’s Ministry and Celebrate Recovery, security and safety are paramount, and a background check is required to serve. But there are many areas and ways to serve which do not require this step. We can help you find the most appropriate place for you!

My schedule changes from one week to the next. Is there a place for me to serve?

Definitely! Many of our service opportunities are on a rotating basis and our coordinators can work with your schedule in most cases. Even in the children’s department, there is a need for volunteers who can step in when a regular ministry partner is out sick or on vacation.

No one ever asked me. Do you really want me?

Please consider this your official invitation! It often takes a while for us to get to know you, and perhaps we just aren’t aware of your unique interests and qualifications. While we know that the personal ask is the best, we sometimes miss that connection. We’d LOVE to get to know you and help you get plugged in; please let us know that you’d like to serve!

I have had an unpleasant experience with serving or trying to serve in the past. Why would I try again?

Bad experiences in any church body can certainly leave a sour taste in your mouth, but do you really want to let that prevent you from knowing the joy and sense of purpose that service can bring? You have to make that choice, but we would love to help you replace negative memories with positive experiences! Perhaps you need someone to help you find a better fit for your skills and personality. We are more than happy to help you find your sweet spot!

I thought the church was supposed to serve the members of the congregation. Isn’t that why we give?

There can be life circumstances that create seasons in which service is difficult or impossible. In those times, we are here for you, to support you as you grown into a healthy follower of Christ. But a healthy Christian is a serving Christian, so the end goal is to help you participate in the Body of Christ. Our paid staff have important roles, but there is no way that this body of believers could be healthy or even functional without the participation of dedicated volunteers. There are more people out there who need to be served and loved by the church, and we need you to make that happen. YOU ARE THE CHURCH!